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At Barclays Mortgages, we are dedicated to helping you at each step of the way. We believe in always putting our customer first, and are devoted to providing service beyond compare.

Starting from when your mortgage offer letter is prepared till your mortgage is completely paid off, we understand you will have questions or comments along the way. Therefore, we offer an exclusive mortgage Customer Management Desk (CMD), which is a team of experienced professionals dedicated to understand your specific requirements, provide you with accurate responses; the first time, every time.

Whether you would like to know when your next stage payment will be disbursed, change your mortgage payment mode or simply want to know your outstanding balance, our Service Executives will work closely with you as your window into Barclays Mortgages for enquiries, investigations and information.

Our Mortgage Customer Management Desk will also contact you on various occasions to inform you on changes in the Barclays Mortgage Rate, Annual Review and any other changes affecting your mortgage.

Please free to contact CMD by calling at +97144223989 begin of the skype highlighting +97144223989 end_of_the_skype_highlighting* or email them at

Annual Review

Your mortgage will be reviewed in detail on the anniversary of your mortgage. During the annual Review we may re-evaluate your monthly payments if any differences have occurred due to change in the Interest Rate or partial payments made during the mortgage year.

You will be notified of your revised Monthly Payments and in case of any assistance, you can contact our Mortgage Customer Management Desk.

For Variable rate: BMR quoted at the application stage is indicative, and may be subject to change before or after the mortgage is disbursed.

For Fixed rate: BMR quoted at the application stage is a fixed rate for the period you opted, and will be changed once the fixed period expires.

As the BMR is subject to change, it is important to note that the rate quoted to you, or communicated in your offer letter may be subject to change prior to your mortgage loan being disbursed, or during the course of your mortgage tenure.

If such a change occurs, we will advise you through a print advert appearing in an English newspaper within the UAE, followed by a letter mailed to your correspondence address as per our records.

Our mortgage Customer Management Desk will be there to assist you in making necessary amendments towards future monthly payments.

Repayment Methods

When purchasing a fully constructed villa or apartment through Barclays Bank Plc, you will make Monthly Payments towards the interest accrued and on the principal portion of the outstanding amount of your mortgage.

Over the term of your mortgage, the outstanding amount will gradually reduce, so that at the end of the term your mortgage is fully paid off.


As a responsible lender, we assess each mortgage application carefully to ensure that your mortgage is affordable. In order to do this, we review your financial information such as bank statements, pay slips, financial accounts (if you are self employed), etc. in detail.

It is important that we receive the required documentation in a timely manner for your mortgage assessment process to begin, and avoid unnecessary delays during the review. Your Mortgage Relationship Managers will go over the documentation checklist in the Barclays mortgage application form, to ensure all information and documents are provided.


When you submit a mortgage application you will be asked to pay a non-refundable application fee together with a processing Charge.

The Processing Charge is usually a percentage of the amount requested and is refunded if the application is declined (unless fraudulent information is supplied). In addition, you will also be asked to pay a Valuation Fee to cover the cost of a property appraisal. Barclays obtains this valuation report to ensure that the property is suitable security for the loan. the valuation report is for the bank’s use only and will not be shared with you.

Additional partial payment or early repayment charges are payable on the Loan in accordance to the Schedule of Charges; which will be displayed or be otherwise available in each of our UAE branches at any time. The Schedule of Charges are subject to change from time to time, the Bank’s determination shall be made at its own discretion and shall be conclusive.

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