Theta Capital Commercial Banking & Insurance Advisors is a newly established, independent investment management firm with a focus on providing multi-strategy, multi-asset class investment to clients across the Middle East, Asia, Africa & Europe. The firms understands that customers do have investment goals, liability and liquidity concerns, wealth preservation goals, and investment horizons so it aims at providing a client specific solution. We strive to provide clients with our best service and the most cost effective, innovative investment platform.


a) The firms objective is to integrate traditional asset management with alternative investments, through a consultative asset allocation framework that is based on risk  allocation.

b) To build a financial institution based on client intimacy, product leadership, service and operational excellence.

c) To build a knowledge-driven business and encourage creativity, offering bespoke financial solutions for clients and endeavor for superior returns.

Management Team

 # Managing Director – Adhip  Shankar Bhattacharya

 # Head of General Insurance – Shantanu Banerjee